Over the past eight years many individuals have come to Horizon Home Loans for help solving real estate financing problems.  We do not provide legal services or legal advice.  Unlike most banks, which focus on selling a product, Horizon Home Loans provides residential financing solutions tailored to individual situations.  We have encountered and resolved all of the following consumer difficulties:

Probate & Estate:

We assist parties with financing relating to the sale or purchase of property after the death of a loved one, often where one family member desires to purchase the property and the other beneficiaries want to receive their share of the inheritance.

Divorce or Dissolution:

We have experience assisting spouses who want to keep marital real property where the other party wants to receive their share of the equity at divorce or dissolution.

Credit & Credit Reports:

Credit & Credit Reports:  We assist with resolving credit issues prior to financing, including issues arising from bankruptcy, charge-offs, foreclosure, late payments, tax liens, and judgements.  We have access to a post-bankruptcy repair and credit reestablishment program to get consumers back on track.

For Sale By Owner:

We provide non-represented sellers with assistance in determining that individuals considering the property are qualified for financing.  

Lease Purchase - Land Contract:

We help structure transactions and arrange financing for lease purchases and land contracts.