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Mailette Lopez

Having grown up in the military, I had the opportunity to travel and see the world.  Part of moving around though is you are always the “new kid”.  I constantly had to make new friends, which at times could be difficult, but what I remember the most are the people that treated me with kindness. I have taken that memory and applied it to all aspects of my life, but especially in my business.  I know that customers can take their business anywhere, so I want to make sure I treat them with respect and kindness, like they are family.  One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou and it’s something that sums up how I approach my business:

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou

A little about my education, I graduated from the University of San Diego, with a BA in Sociology and an MBA in Finance from the New York Institute of Technology.  I have been an entrepreneur for the last fourteen years and continue to build companies around exceptional customer service. 

I got into the mortgage industry because having gone through the home buying process myself; I know how daunting and stressful it can be.  My goal is to make the process as smooth and easy for my clients.  I am here to help people become homeowners because it’s an amazing feeling to walk over your home’s threshold and know that it is yours.  It is an honor to hand a client the keys to their first home, when no one else was willing to walk on this home purchasing journey with them.

I am here to help when a client is ready.

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Don Roden

Don is currently serving as a Loan Officer with Horizon Home Loans in Ohio. He likes helping people that are willing to help themselves and just don’t know how. Don has served in the United States Air Force for 22 years, 18 years as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America and 5 years as a Financial Advisor since retiring. 

While in the Air Force, he served for four years as a Resource Advisor managing the budget, supply and contracts for the largest unit on Dyess AFB. As a Financial Advisor he worked with and for his clients to get them returns on their investments while minimizing the risks so that they could achieve their financial goals.  

Don has worked as a Financial Advisor with Prudential Financial Services in the state of Minnesota where he focused on helping veterans with financial issues and veteran’s benefits. He has also worked for the Rockler Companies in the Internet Department during the growth of the company’s Internet Online Business Development. During that time, they went from $78 thousand dollars of sales to $12.5 million in 5 years. Don has served in many other positions since retiring from the Air Force to include City Council Member and President of the Economic Development Authority of his home town. 

Don holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Marketing and Management as well as an Associate’s Degree in Applied Aerospace Sciences. 

Some of Don’s many awards are Meritorious Service Medal and the Defense Volunteer Service Medal. He was also recognized as the Dyess AFB Funds Manager of the Year. He is also an Eagle Scout and holds many awards and honors from the Boy Scouts of America and many councils around the country. 

Don spent 5 years as an instructor in the Air Force and 18 years volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America in many different areas teaching and training young men as well as adults on scouting and life skills. As an Instructor in the Air Force, Don taught entry level and well as senior level aircraft maintenance courses to all levels of personnel.  

As a veteran, Don is passionate about veteran’s issues, especially veteran suicide. He wants to help people, and especially veterans understand what benefits they have because of their service. 

Don is married to Dr. Jane Newell, a professor at Miami University and they have 14 grandchildren. In his spare time, he likes to work with wood, especially turning parts of trees into nice objects like bowls and other things. His ultimate goal is to have a woodworking shop that he can open up to those who are struggling to find a new path in life, veterans after service or just looking for someone to talk to and share their stories, ultimately making a difference for them. 

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Melissa Long

My name is Melissa Long and I moved to Ohio in 2003 from Florida, after visiting Cincinnati and falling in love with the beautiful countryside and rural areas. I have been in customer service all of my life, in one aspect or another, and have an extremely diverse background. I have done everything from waitress to business owner and everything in between.  I firmly believe that the key to success is good service, lots of communication and treating people as I would like to be treated, with respect and dignity – and a little humor thrown in.  I am a Mom, I have a wonderful son who is currently wrapping up his high school career and getting ready for college. I have been an avid horse lover all my life and currently have four beautiful black and white Tennessee Walkers. I enjoy trail riding in the many parks up here as often as I can.  We also have 3 dogs and started breeding goats this year.  They are a fun and crazy bunch! I got into the mortgage business really by mistake but it has turned out to be an incredible fit for me. I love the work, I love helping people who have been through some of life’s challenges and think they may not be able to buy a home for themselves. Believe me, I have been there. When I went through my divorce, I was pushed into filing bankruptcy, my credit scores plummeted and I did not believe I would ever get back on my feet, much less own a home again but it can be done.  I am living proof and I would love to help you with the journey to home ownership. Sometimes it is a smooth and short road, sometimes it’s bumpy and long but with perseverance, patience and prayer, we can get there. 

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