Our company’s most valuable assets are the people that work at Horizon Home Loans and the clients we provide service to.
— Horizon Team

Mission Statement

It is Horizon Home Loans, Inc.’s mission to regenerate exceptional customer service, from our commitment to integrity, professionalism, selfless attitude and honesty.

We value our customers by empowering them through knowledge, consistency and respect.
We are here to help people banks or others will not or cannot help. 

Who We Are

Our goal is to help our clients by meeting their needs.

  1.  Horizon Home Loans is a team effort with all associates sharing a common goal.
  2.  Horizon Home Loans strives to treat our clients as we would our friends.
  3.  The net profit from any single closed loan is of no consequence.
  4.  Every satisfied client and/or contact is a referral source.

Our business is based upon referrals from clients, suppliers, and other professionals. All associates working at Horizon Home Loans are in client service, directly or indirectly, and have a vested interest in meeting our client's needs and closing loans.

Why Horizon

Bank Says No, Horizon Says Yes

We get frequent phone calls from customers telling us they cannot get a loan because the bank turned them down.  We tell each and every one of them it is not that they cannot get a loan, but rather they cannot get a loan from whatever bank turned them down. We never tell anyone “No”, rather “not now but soon if we get started”.

There is more to a person than a credit report and credit score.  When a bank sees a 550 credit score they say NO!  When we see a 550 credit score we “wonder what happened” and/or “this ought to be interesting”.  As you have probably figured out, we do not have a job.  What we have is a calling and a purpose in life which is “Helping people banks and others either will not help or cannot help”.